Many thanks to our Raid Leader Zhyon, we now are just one step away from having completed all outlands raids. All we need now is Black Temple, which is planned for the 29th at 4:00 pm PST!

Whew, been a while since we’ve had a new post, and since we just got a new raid leader I figured now would be a great time to post.

Zhyon has been in the guild for a while and has been fairly active at doing things with the guild. While about half the time she’s online she may actually be afk, we are very lucky to have her as our new Sous Chef (guild officer) with a focus on leading guild events.

We also recently cleared AQ40 in a guild group making it so we now have the Classic Raider achievement, and we are just 3 raids away from the Outland Raider achievement.

(What’s up with this post’s title?)

It’s the reason I haven’t made a post in a while, I really haven’t been feeling like posting here. But, now that the drama is over we are even stronger as a guild, and Oxhorn even raided with us again (via vent, but it still counts :P).

Screenshot of some Raid/Dungeon Achievements

Invisible Pink Unicorns recently reached level 10! This is super exciting because now anyone in the guild with at least honored rep can purchase a Bind On Account (BOA) cloak! This last week we got the Wotlk Heroic Dungeons achievement as well as the Mount Hyjal raid achievement. And we have many more raids scheduled in the coming weeks!

“On Saturdays, from one to ten, my guild does epic raiding.” (Tank Tank Heal Tank lyrics by Oxhorn)

Lots of raids planned for march! By lots I mean there are 15 planned events on the calendar! This is all due to our wonderful officer in charge of raids, Thaumasurge. Sign on in game on the realm Silver Hand (horde side) and get an invite to the guild if you haven’t already and join us in our epic raiding!

Kyande’s Story

Two years ago, my account got hacked. I was blamed for it and I was kicked from my long-time guild that I thought was made up of my friends. Then the faction change came out, so I went Horde. Since then I have been “realm hopping”, exploring various realms.

First I went to Kil Jaden because I had an IRL friend there. I made zero friends and the realm was very full and just full of mean people. That friend ended up leaving WoW, so I started looking for another realm again.

I went to Maiev because I had an IRL friend there too. It was a blast and I loved it. But then my friend left WoW and some of my WoW friends on that server went to a different guild and so I started looking for a new realm. About this time I met Oxhorn. I had been a fan of his videos for some time and it was great being able to get to know him. I love WoW and wanted to get to know him in-game too, so I ended up coming to Silver Hand.

Making the IPU guild was a result of a number of things. The guild Oxhorn was in at the time had died and I couldn’t find the right guild (it’s very important for me to be in a family friendly guild. WoW is rated “T”, but trade chat is often “M”. I feel like our guild chat should be “E”).

Then we thought; what if we made a guild for Oxhorn fans? Since he’s busy making machinima and I’m busy playing WoW, we decided that I would be the functional day-to-day leader of the guild, but it’d still be his guild. We talked over IM to decide upon the name. Oxhorn came up with it and we both liked it (since the IPU video is my favorite and it has a stealthy Christian subtext).

I really wanted a guild that was a safe, fun place to be. Since WoW has players of all ages, I wanted the guild to be a place where ALL ages could have fun and parents would approve of what went on in guild chat. The reason why I wanted that comes from my Christian beliefs and upbringing, and I thought this guild would be a great way to forge a safe environment that I would enjoy, and one that could be enjoyed by the most players, of any age. Oxhorn explains the meaning behind the guild name, and his movie, here, in this article:

The guild started small and while I was lonely at times, it was nice because we all new each other. Now it’s huge and it’s fun because we have enough people to do things. While we have a ton of people that are leveling (which is awesome and we encourage it), our focus is on having a fun, social guild “family” and earning guild achievements. We’ve been working on the various 5-man and 10-man instance achievements recently, and we’re making great progress.

Since WoW has players of all ages, I wanted our guild to be a place where ALL ages could have fun and where parents could feel comfortable with what went on in guild chat. So be sure to read our guild rules, which will be enforced, use Ox’s “invented swear words” if you must and, as Ox says, keep it classy.

Last friday at 7:00 we went on an epic raid and cleared Molten Core, we then went and cleared Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair. Getting the guild achivement for all 3.

These are people permanetly kicked from the guild.


















The good news; it’s over and Neffy is dead…well except that he came back because it’s Cataclysm and not vanilla. More good news; I got a raid boss for a pet! But it really took us quite some time to get there and had all kinds of problems. So it might be a while before we raid again.

This was our first sign up only raid. Meaning if you didn’t sign up you wouldn’t get priority into getting into the raid. And well, that was kind of stupid on my fault because we never have enough people show up that signed up so I always ask in g chat for more people. So that idea won’t be getting used again until more people start coming.

What did happen however is that I am now making a list for who signs up and shows up and who signs up and doesn’t show  up.  It is very bad when you say you are coming and then don’t come. If 11 people are signed up for kara and only 5 show up, it’s not fun. I though we had enough for the guild achievement, but we didn’t because of people who didn’t show up. So please, just put your invite status to tentative if you aren’t 100% positive you will be there.

Good job on clearing Karazhan, with ZERO wipes. :) We’re getting better. BWL is next THURSDAY after the show, show up around 8 or so for invites.

Or at least mostly…We had quite the time on Chromaggus. First Sableheart got mindcontroled and killed the healer (that’s me!) then the next time I got mind controled and then people ran in as the MC was leaving me so I got MC’d yet again and killed everyone. At this point we had run out of hourglass sand so we let Sableheart tame the raid boss. My hunter is now extreamly jealous of Sableheart’s new pet. Kyande is also now MUCH closer to getting thunderfury, all she is missing is 7 eelementium ingots and the right half of the binding.

We will be kicking off the new year with our first level 70 raid on the 7th at 7 pm. This raid will be the first step in being set up more like a real raiding experience. If you don’t sign up via the calendar you risk not getting invited. If you sign up and don’t show up you’ll get a penalty, too many penalties and you won’t be able to raid with us. If you sign up and then find out you can’t come, just change your invite status to declined!