Many thanks to our Raid Leader Zhyon, we now are just one step away from having completed all outlands raids. All we need now is Black Temple, which is planned for the 29th at 4:00 pm PST!

4 Responses to “Epic Raiding!”

  • Jon Stanbarger:

    Greetings, IPU. I would like to ask how i would know when an IPU officer is availiable to recruit and to ask if my lvl 13 hunter may join. I am a frequent player and the afore mentioned hunter is my main. I level quickly and sell smelted ores in the auction house for fair prices rather than inflating the price of said smelted ores.

  • Pixlas:

    Are the guild still active?

  • Sure is! We’re on the Silver Hand server, Horde side.

  • Missions that reward epic gear have an 630 item level requirement for your followers, and missions that reward epic raiding gear have an ilvl 645 requirement for your followers.