This was our first sign up only raid. Meaning if you didn’t sign up you wouldn’t get priority into getting into the raid. And well, that was kind of stupid on my fault because we never have enough people show up that signed up so I always ask in g chat for more people. So that idea won’t be getting used again until more people start coming.

What did happen however is that I am now making a list for who signs up and shows up and who signs up and doesn’t show  up.  It is very bad when you say you are coming and then don’t come. If 11 people are signed up for kara and only 5 show up, it’s not fun. I though we had enough for the guild achievement, but we didn’t because of people who didn’t show up. So please, just put your invite status to tentative if you aren’t 100% positive you will be there.

Good job on clearing Karazhan, with ZERO wipes. :) We’re getting better. BWL is next THURSDAY after the show, show up around 8 or so for invites.

One Response to “Karazhan cleared!”

  • Parthenope:

    I’m sorry I didn’t come, my friend slept over and we watched Sorccerer’s Aprentice! Again, sorry!

    P.S. The Movie = 5 STARS!