Executive Chef

Master Chef 

Kyande’s alts.

Head Chef

Oxhorn and his alts.


Sous Chef

The officers of IPU.


Kitchen Raider

For members who raid with us. They can use the gold in the guild bank to repair.


Station Chef

For members who have proven that they are active and plan on staying in Invisible Pink Unicorns. This rank is also for people who are level 68+


Assistant Chef

For members who have proven they are trying to be active in the guild. This rank is also for people who have leveled to 58 and higher.


Cooking Pot

This rank is for guild members who need a time out. They are unable to talk in gchat or view/deposit/withdraw from the bank.


Mini Chef

This rank is for fairly new members to the guild who are just leveling up and becoming active.


Lazy Chef
This rank is for new members and people who are inactive.

Lazy Chef ranked people cannot view/deposit/withdraw from the bank. When someone has just joined the guild they will stay at this rank for about one week.

Assistant Chefs and up can invite and edit public notes.

Sous Chef and up can remove/promote/demote members and edit officer notes.

Why restaurant names? Because we are famous for our ham and pineapple pizza!